Chapter 7, Secret #6, Meditation

9 Secrets of Subconscious Mind for Manifesting the Desired Outcomes!

Author Name: Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel

“Meditation will change your life for the better, enhance your physical health, improve your sleep, and help you achieve your goals, both material and spiritual.”

  • Deepak Chopra

The Earliest records of meditation (Dhyana) are found in the ancient Hindu’s holy book, knowns as “Vedas”, and it has been spread in other cultures since the 19th century. Now every country, religion & holy book tells about the power of meditation. It’s the ancient art of living. In fact, it is the correct way of living for the human species. Paul MacLean introduced the concept of the triune brain in the 1960s. The triune brain says that we have one mind and three brains.

  1. Reptilian Brain
  2. Emotional Brain
  3. Rational Brain

The reptilian brain is 500 million years older and first appeared in the fish. It is in the brainstem that controls the body’s vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and balance. It has the state of survival, and always finds safety. It understands the language of body sensations and impulses. It has instinctive responses.

The emotional Brain is nearly 150 million years old and is emerged in small mammals. It can record memories of behaviors that produced agreeable and disagreeable experiences, it’s called emotions. The human brain is the seat of the value judgments that we make, often unconsciously, that exert such a strong influence on our behavior. It has an emotional state and finds the emotion of love. It understands the language of emotions and feeling tones. It has emotional experiences and implicit memory.

The rational Brain is 2 or 3 million years old. This brain first assumed importance in primates and culminated in the human brain with its two large cerebral hemispheres that play such a dominant role. These hemispheres have been responsible for the development of human language, abstract thought, imagination, and consciousness. The Rational Brain is flexible and has infinite learning ability. The Rational Brain is also what has enabled human cultures to develop. It has an execution state and always finds learning. It understands the language of thought and verbal expression mainly.

Now, it is very interesting to know that all three parts of the brain don’t operate independently. They are interlinked to each other. When the Reptilian brain gives signals of threat by bodily sensations, then the Emotional brain triggers its emotions and starts producing fearful or stressful emotions and sends signals to the Rational brain, where the rational brain uses logic and finds the way to protect human creatively as Rational brain has freewill, unlimited power and potential to learn and execute the behaviors. It has the power to produce the desired results through conscious efforts. It has self-awareness and conscious thought.

Meditation – A Bridge:

Our mind performs automatically according to every situation. All three parts of the brain interact with each other and produce desired results. Now, it sometimes happens, that our Emotional brain has stored painful memories, and cannot respond to the Reptilian and Rational brain. In this case, Meditation is the conscious act that can bring awareness to our stuck emotions and can open the gates to all three brains.

Meditation practice helps to connect all three parts. It helps to balance our emotions. It slows down our thoughts and offers inner peace. If you want desired results in life, then you should practice meditation daily. There are enormous benefits of meditation. Meditation is a Medication. It brings emotional, physical, and mental health together. It gives clarity in thoughts and helps to create new neurological paths.

We cannot swim in the storm. Similarly, goals cannot be achieved with unclear thoughts and emotions. A clear and Peaceful mind offers everything that we want in our life. Practice meditation for 20 minutes a day and sweep inner space. Make your inner space empty and clean it every day.

Meditation techniques are different…….

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