Feel It

Secret #3, Chapter 4, Feel IT,

9 Secrets of Subconscious Mind for Manifesting the Desired Outcomes!

Author Name: Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel

“Feelings it, Achieve it.” –Dipaali

We have seen people who worship their God, chanting or reading holy books and following the commandment every day for so many years. Are they really happy, healthy, and worthy people? Are they really peaceful people and having compassion in their hearts? Are they proactive, grounded, and calm people? Do they understand what they read? Are they clear what they do as a daily ritual? How many people could change their lives by daily rituals of chanting or reading holy books? The answer is, very few people. The reason behind this is that they simply follow the path of their parents, family, community, or Gurus. They don’t know the purpose behind chanting or reading holy books. Chanting or following commandments helps humans to change their lives positively. People can stay healthy, happy, peaceful, and wealthy by practicing religious rituals, but why people cannot Redesign their lives positively? Why they cannot bring any positive transformation in their lives? Because they miss out on the most important aspect of manifestation, “FEEL IT”.

If you practice your daily affirmation and you don’t feel it, then you won’t get the results faster. If you chant or read holy books monotonously, and don’t feel what you read, then how will your subconscious mind be able to create a new neurological path? How can your subconscious mind alter old limiting beliefs by positive beliefs?

FEEL IT, whatever you think and talk. It is your most important job. If you don’t FEEL IT, you cannot achieve it. Emotions are powerful signals to our subconscious mind. It doesn’t bother about your mother tongue. It doesn’t matter, how smart and intelligent you are in your communication, and it’s not important how consistent you are in practicing your affirmations in your day-to-day life. Your subconscious mind does consider your feelings, how you feel when you……

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