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Being a Life Coach

I am a life coach, author, YouTuber, and orator. I also specialize in mindfulness and meditation coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practice, personal mentoring, and corporate training.

I provide mental well-being using the LAMP-N method, and I am strongly connected to spirituality. I firmly believe that “Inner purity holds more importance than outer beauty.”

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I began my career as an educationalist in Surat, Gujarat in 2002. Over the course of 16 years, I have developed numerous vocational curricula in the field of computers and successfully trained over 100,000 students, with nearly all of them securing employment.

The government of India, the Government of Gujarat, UNO, the South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber International, and numerous other organizations have acknowledged my contributions and dedication to the field of education, honoring me with prestigious awards. I am deeply grateful for the love, respect, and recognition bestowed upon me by society.

  • In 2016, I was honored with the “Nari Gaurav” award by the SGCCI Ladies wing on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

  • In 2013, I was honored to receive the prestigious “KAMAL PATRA AWARD” from JCI for my consistent professional growth and workmanship in business since 2002.

  • In 2013, I received “The Saraswati Award” from the “Achala Education Foundation Trust” in Ahmedabad for my noteworthy contributions to the fields of education and social work.

  • I was honored to receive the “ALL INDIA Achievers Foundation NEW DELHI” Award in 2010 for my outstanding performance in the field of education.

  • I was honored to receive the “Rajiv Gandhi International Award” in 2006 at Gandhinagar. It recognized my exceptional performance in Computer Education, making me the first lady to ever receive this prestigious award. The award was presented by the Gujarat Governor.

I Work With
My Journey of Transformation

No Person is a victim until he believes himself as one.

Being a victim

Since my childhood, I have always viewed myself as an unwitting victim. I was shy, had low self-esteem, was prone to reacting negatively, becoming upset, and occasionally even rebelling. This was because I held the belief that I was unloved, unsupported, unlucky, and unwanted within my own family.

We always talk what we don’t want, expecting that we would get what we want

I was unaware of the things I was ignorant about in my life. I lacked a clear understanding of my desires, and instead, I would often grumble about my life, my parents, and my surroundings in the company of others. I foolishly believed that by complaining about the unwanted people and situations in my life, I would somehow receive pleasure, love, and respect.

Can you imagine what occurred as a result of this mindset?

I started experiencing increasingly negative situations and encountering difficult people in my life simply because I was unaware of the principle that states, “What we focus on, expands!”

Constantly feeling upset, unhappy, resigned, reactive, and rebellious, I had formed beliefs that were holding me back in every aspect of my life.

What’s the truth?
Beliefs create a human’s character or human character creates beliefs?

The outcome of My Limiting Beliefs

Feeling resigned and unhappy, I found myself attracting more toxic relationships and people into my life. As I accumulated negative experiences, my beliefs grew stronger, which in turn made me even more unhappy in life.

I paid the price in terms of relationships, health, and career. I constantly felt restless, anxious, fearful, and angry.

I have a strong desire to assist others. However, my reactive nature has made it difficult for people to feel comfortable talking to me.

Despite being well-qualified, experienced, and highly dedicated to achieving business success, I faced challenges due to my difficulty in dealing with people in the business industry.

At the time, I was an overweight woman weighing almost 80 kg, lacking both physical and mental/emotional fitness.

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Rotten Fruits needs Roots Treatment. Similarly, Core Limiting Beliefs need Conscious Efforts to Eliminate.

Unaware of other options, I sought solutions for my misery through astrology, Vastu science, temple worship, and volunteering for various religious organizations for many years.

I focused on the fruits instead of the roots, which led to no results. While I don’t dismiss all these approaches, it’s clear that working on the fruits alone cannot heal the roots. These external efforts failed to address the true underlying cause in my life.

My limiting beliefs shaped my behavior and character, exerting control over my life.

During this challenging period, filled with despair and lacking any joy, I discovered that one positive habit had the power to transform my life: the habit of being a lifelong learner. By embracing a mindset of continuous learning, I was able to uncover my limiting beliefs and understand the underlying cause of my unhappiness.

Secret of Success Spend more Time and energy in Personal Development.

Self-help books, personal development seminars, workshops, YouTube videos, and courses have all played a crucial role in helping me achieve significant personal breakthroughs.

I humbly acknowledge and respect all the modalities and resources that have helped uncover the truth of life and granted me wisdom.

I gained a deep understanding of life’s secrets when I began implementing them into my own life.

Let the past rest in peace! Create a Fantastic Future with a Positive Present Moment.

Sharing Wisdom:

  1. I take full responsibility for all of my current situations and am holding myself accountable for my own life.

  2. I love and accept myself
  3. I love others unconditionally because we are all unique individuals connected by a divine energy. We each have our own roles to play on this earth realm in order to evolve.

  4. I need to maintain a connection and take care of my inner child. I have begun the process of reparenting my inner child, who feels confused, upset, and resigned, and is constantly in search of love and security.

  5. Forgiveness necessitates courage, and by granting forgiveness to others, you are prepared to forge a magnificent future in the present moment. I have pardoned all those whom I needed to absolve. I am liberated now.

  6. Our bodies are vessels for experiencing pleasure, and I have become increasingly mindful of how my lifestyle and eating habits impact them. To take care of my body, I have been practicing yoga and consuming sattvic food.

I choose to share my Love, Wisdom and Compassion with Humanity.


For many years, I suffered the consequences of not having true wisdom in life, resulting in financial burdens. However, once I realized the value of life coaching, self-help books, transformative YouTube videos and Podcasts for personal growth, as well as life-changing seminars, workshops, and courses, I made it my mission to share this knowledge with others.

I have come to realize that everyone faces suffering in their lives, and often lacks knowledge of how to find the right solutions. Many people also lack the necessary resources to make positive changes in their lives.

As a life and inner wellness coach, I have taken various steps to help improve people’s mental well-being. This includes creating my own YouTube channel, launching podcasts, writing self-help books, and running an online school.

I believe:

Inner purity holds greater significance than outer beauty.

My Mission

Dedicated to spreading the message of inner purity, promoting a happy, healthy, and prosperous life for all individuals.

My vision

Enhancing mental well-being in individuals’ lives.

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I have experienced lowest phase of my life, learnt from them, and transformed my life.

Expect real life examples and proven techniques from my personal counselling.   

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