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Chapter 6, Secret #5,INK IT

9 Secrets of Subconscious Mind for Manifesting the Desired Outcomes!

Author Name: Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel

“Write it down. Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; cant’s into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality. Don’t just think it – INK IT!”


We have a lot of wishes in our mind. We want to do and have a lot of things & want to become something in life. And these all desires keep changing from time to time. Have you observed a child, who keeps changing his desires every day? One day, he wants to become a pilot and the other day, he wants to become a doctor. We have a tendency to have, be and do everything in life. It’s good to have desires in life, but most important thing is to achieve them all in a specific time boundary. Research says, that only 33 percent of people are clear about their goals, and 33 percent of these 33 percent think and talk about their goals. This means, only 10.89 percent people remind about their goals to themselves, and 33 percent of these 10.89 percentpeople write their goals, which means, only 3.59 percent people register their goal in mind through writing them down; and 33 percent of these 3.59 percent, that is, 1.18 percent people review their written goals regularly. And look, what percentage of people are successful in the world? How many percentages of people are billionaires? If you check the numbers in google, you can validate this fact easily. According to credit Suisse report (TRT World), the top-tier one percent amounts to 52 million people, who are all millionaires. Within this elite fraction, are 175,000 ultra-wealthy people, or 0.1 percent, who in turn own 25 percent of the world’s wealth. So, can we conclude that, 99.9 percent people own the remaining 75 percent of the world’s wealth? What does it mean? It simply states that “Successful People” are not born, they can be created.

If you want to be successful, if you want to earn billions of rupees with perfect health and happiness in relationships, then simply whatever affirmation you have created so far, it is high time to start writing them down. Once you write them down, you will be clearer about them.

“Goals that are not written down are just wishes.”                        

Fitzhugh Dodson

Why written goals are important? What is the science behind it? I am sure you must have these questions in your mind. Let’s understand the mind science behind it.

Once you realize what do you want and…

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