What is the Power of Subconscious Mind?

Chapter 1, What is the Power Of Subconscious Mind,

9 Secrets of Subconscious Mind for Manifesting the Desired Outcomes!

Author Name: Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel

“Train your Subconscious Mind Consciously for Success & Happiness!” – Dipaali

How many things do you see, touch, and observe in a day? How many people do you meet in a day? And how many words do you hear in a day? Have you ever remembered thoughts of the whole day? We think thousands of thoughts, meet so many people, experience different situations and events in a day, and all these are stored in our minds. Few events, experiences, and feelings are stored for time-being in our mind and we forget later, but few events and their experiences and feelings are stored long-term. Whatever information we forget after some time, is stored in our conscious mind, and information that is remembered for a long time is stored in our subconscious mind.

The human brain is divided mainly into two parts. The conscious mind and subconscious mind. The conscious mind works since we wake up in the morning. It always helps to take the decisions, can identify the difference between right and wrong, and helps to take the decisions logically. Research says that conscious mind has 5% power to run human’s life whereas subconscious mind has 95% power. The subconscious mind has no sense to think logically, it cannot take decisions. It doesn’t sleep and cannot decide right or wrong. It simply performs, based on available information, and it constantly receives information through daily events & experiences. All events & experiences knock the door of conscious mind first, and conscious mind identifies & evaluates the information, and then either delete information or allows it to enter in our subconscious mind. If any event or experience is significant or shocking, it is stored immediately to our subconscious mind.

Generally human thinks more than 60 thousand thoughts, and experiences various events in a day and most of the events wipe out at the end of the day, or at the end of the events. Thanks to God that our conscious mind keeps our subconscious mind safe, and filters unnecessary thoughts and experiences. Human will be restless if all information of a day is stored directly to our subconscious mind, because our subconscious mind cannot think and decide the difference between good and bad. And using all the information, working in auto-piloting mode, it would end up in a confused state in the real world.

Sometimes your subconscious mind surprises you by your own behaviors in certain situations and then you feel sorry for that. Have you ever thought why it happens? Because your subconscious mind is triggered and uses all information in auto-piloting mode. Always remember, YOUR Subconscious Mind simply performs. If you have gone through some bad experiences with specific person or community for any time-being task, and it has impacted your subconscious mind, then next time your subconscious mind will be prepared and will adopt to specific behavior whenever you deal with same situation, person or community. Sometimes you have seen a person behave very aggressively for specific task or places or situation or circumstances and the same person behaves very soft and polite with others at the same time. Do you want to know the reasons behind two different behaviors and beliefs of the same person? Let’s understand with “3E” principles.

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