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ABOUT Dipaali

Being a Life Coach

As a Life Coach, I blend various modalities like mindfulness, meditation, and NLP to nurture mental well-being. Grounded in spirituality, I advocate that inner purity surpasses outer beauty. With over 16 years in education, I’ve trained thousands and received accolades from esteemed institutions, including the Government of India and UNO.

Transforming from a victim mindset, I’ve conquered limiting beliefs through lifelong learning. My journey unveils the power of personal development in reshaping life. Now, I share wisdom through coaching, YouTube, podcasts, and books, aiming to empower others toward inner purity and mental well-being, fostering happiness and prosperity in their lives.


How Can I help You

Personalised one-on-one services for clients anywhere in the world, empowering you to feel good about your life, relationships, career, and health.

Online Courses

Learning is a never ending process. There are plenty of subjects in every field we would love to learn. But being busy or having flooded daily schedule never allows to go and attend classes, seminars or workshops sometimes.

Corporate Coaching

Only 10% employees are the assets of the organization & 90% employees are the liabilities. Soft Skill & Motivational Trainings are essential like food, water and air for life. We need them daily for better health of any organization.

One On One Counseling

Sometimes motivational or self-help development books, online courses, motivational videos and workshops don’t work for someone because they suggest general remedies or suggestions.


Trusted By My Clients

I motivate individuals to transform their lives by mindfulness & sharing wisdom for self development.

Gupta Ajay
Dipaali Mam’s session is very much interesting and easy to understand. I become the part of switch to Digital Coach free webinar training, which was very informative. I learn lots of things and because of that I started my social media platform. learn how to create blog, you tube channel, record video, online school etc… It was really a fabulous training. keep sharing keep learning vision is very much inspired me and its really appreciable. I very much thankful to you for sharing such a wonderful content without any cost. I always referring your videos and also recommend to others.
Mamta Gupta
Dipaali ma’am is like a GURU in my life. I got life changing experiences under her guidance. She introduced spiritualism in a true sense. She is motivator and guides like holding hands step by step as guarding angel and I am feeling blessed to have her as guru in my life.
Bibhutibhusan Behera
This course helps to modify inner activity away from negativity to develop a positive way of lifestyle. This also helpful any professional with amazing communication skill.
Shreyashi Modak
I just watched her YouTube video (counter questions) I am helpful by her video That’s a great thing she is doing I do recommend you, kindly follow her She is the one who can help you take care of you, if you are suffering from communication problem #communication #affirmation”
Akash Rathi
Amazing Mentor without any expectation giving lots of great knowledge free. Hats off to you madam.
Deepali, your speechless & wholehearted contribution for knowledge seekers, as well your helping nature, which is absolutely missing now days on the ground of humanity is priceless. Be blessed Dear Soul.
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We are emotional beings, and our emotions play an important role in our life. We are happy if we are...

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