How to eliminate our negative self-talk?

We are what we think and speak. Whatever results we have in the outside world, are the reflections of our inner world. We mostly struggle in every area of our life, that means we are influenced by our own negative thoughts. This blog help you to understand

  • Negative self-talk and theirs impact in our life.
  • The source of our negative thoughts & How to eliminate negative self-talk.

Let’s understand the impact of our negative thoughts and self-talk in our life. When we think negatively, we feel low and upset, our confidence level decreases and we can’t take the correct and proper decision in our life due to negativity in our head. Our negative thoughts limit us to take action. Growth and Success come along with the reasonable risk, and our negative thoughts limit us by fear and doubts. We are not allowed to move forward in life. Our mental health deteriorates day by day by practicing negativity in day to day life, thus impacting our physical health.

We are always resigned and upset in our relationships. We don’t feel fulfilled in our life. We feel that we are not good enough and life and people are not good. Negative thoughts shrivel our soul. If we don’t identify the source of them, and don’t replace them with positive ones, then we would not feel ecstasy in life.

We need to understand the source of negative thoughts to eliminate them for a better life. These are villain

Source of Negative thoughts:

1. Blame:  

We blame others in the outside world when we have a non-favourable result in life or failure. We think that other people or situations are responsible for our failure. When we blame others, we give power to others, and we feel powerless that leads to our negative self-talk. Blaming others is easy and taking responsibility for results is difficult.

Take the responsibility of your failures or success and happiness or sadness, and you can find your weaknesses to improve. You can find your strength to sharpen. Find positivity even in the worst situations, make you stronger, and lead you towards positivity and success.

Take the responsibilities of all the outcomes of your life rather than blaming others.

2. Criticism:

We love criticism. More and less we all practice criticism in our life, and there are possibly three reasons we criticise others.

  • We feel good while criticise others
  • We never see good or positive aspects of others.
  • We feel we are doing good and others are not.

Actually when you criticize others for whatever reason, you are creating the exact same future of your life unknowingly. Because where focus grows, energy flows. You can expect a positive and successful life by criticising about others.

Find the good things from every situation and people and appreciate them frequently. This practice leads you towards positive self-talk. Remember, sometimes it is difficult to find positivity aspects in certain cases but it’s possible. If you are willing to make your life happy and fulfilled, You can practice self-talk by finding the bright side of every non-favourable situation.


This single word not only contributes to negativity in our self-talk but also leads to negative self-talk to others in our conversation when we use the word SHOULD in our conversation. SHOULD words clearly define us that we don’t do or be it. It sends the signals of incapability. It sucks our power and increases stress and anxiety. It’s the most damaging word.

Better use COULD instead of SHOULD during conversation with yourself and with others. COULD word give choice and offer the ability to choose the act, rather SHOULD word offer feelings of incapability. “COULD” is a positive word and leads to our positive self-talk seamlessly.

4. Judging:

Famous quotes by Saint Mother Teresa that: If you judge people, you have no time to love them. How can we judge others without knowing the truth of that particular person?

We generally judge others based on our perspective, and our perspective may be true for us but never for others. Everyone has their own challenges and struggles to deal with, and they choose certain behaviours and working styles to cope up, the way we have developed our own behaviours and working style to meet the needs in our life.

Love others and offer help if possible instead of judging others. When you judge others, you spoil the relationship, and it will never turn out positively. Love fills our hearts with joy that leads us to positive self-talk.

5. Drop the need to put yourself down:

We find many self-hatred personalities in the society, they have low self-esteem and have self-doubts, thus they criticize themselves, and for such behaviour there are certain needs inside us to do so. We need to identify and understand those needs, and drop them immediately, as such behaviour leads to strong negative self-talk where we can’t move forward in life, can’t grow and can’t become successful in life.

Love yourself and accept yourself as it is. Don’t judge yourself and don’t compare yourself with others. Always remember you are a unique individual and you are here on this earth planet with some special purpose. Loving yourself and having faith in yourself contribute positive self-talk

What are your contributors of negative self-talk? Share in the comment box and book your 15 minutes complimentary one on one meeting for solutions.

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