Authentic confessions of daughter to mother

Mumma, Let me admit that I hated you for a long-time from my childhood. I thought that God has injustices me. I believed that my mother doesn’t love me because she always scolds me and constantly compares me with my younger brother.

I always compare myself with other friends and their mothers. I wanted to keep my mother as my friend, where she loves & encourages me, and stays with me forever. But My mother was always busy with her household work, and she was a perfectionist in her work; and whenever I would have made minor mistakes in household work, she always scolded me. I did not like her, and I didn’t want words she had used for me while she was angry with me.

I hated my mother for 43 years of my life. But now I can understand you completely, and I can realize your valuable contribution to my life when I became a mother of a biological child and two nonbiological children. Mainly, I started loving her when I have begun my spiritual journey for personal transformation.


  • I realize your concern behind all your anger to me now!
  • I now understand your pain being a mother.
  • I could accept you as a loving mother when I have started seeing you as a vulnerable child.
  • Mumma, You have six siblings, and I can understand that your parents had not enough resources to raise you with all the necessities of all seven children in the home.
  • I can understand the compromise of your childhood. You deserve all love and attention as an individual. And you didn’t get it in your childhood.

Mumma, you have given enough to us though you didn’t get it in your child. The Bank of Mother can only offer love without having a balance in her account. No other Bank of Relationships can provide a loan of love without having a balance.

Today I am a successful an iNNER WELLNESS Coach, have wisdom and a compassionate heart.

  • I use my time correctly every day.
  • I always learn new things and invest my time, money, and energy in personal development.
  • I never waste my time on non-productive things. I never busy gossiping with others.

People praised me for my in-depth knowledge and would love to connect with me. They are surprised to see my commitment and dedication. And I must show my gratitude to my mother for the same. Let me give all credit to my mother. She taught me to be consistent, committed, do the job perfectly, invest time in a meaningful task. These are things that she taught me.

I could not understand her for a long-time. I always praise my father and ignore her for a long-time. But today, I can understand you, your love for me, your pain being a vulnerable child, being an insecure woman, being a concerned mother in my personal transformational and spiritual journey.

Forgive me for

  • I could not understand your intention for me while you were scolding me.
  • I hated you for 43 years of my life and could not receive your blessings as I was not open to them.
  • I compared you with other’s mothers and complaint to you all the time.
  • I ignored your presence and your thoughtful advice in my life.

Mumma, Forgive me for everything that I have done wrong, knowingly and unknowingly with you.

Mumma, I accept you not only being a mother but also accept you as an individual. I embrace your vulnerable childhood; I praise you for being a woman in this society who managed her home and children for long years and sacrificed all your happiness for the family. You have spent your whole life with my father and for us. You have given wonderful life to me. I am a reflection of yours. Thank you for everything.

But I still have one complaint about you, “Why my nose is like my pappa.” Haha….Haha..

I Love you, Mumma.

Forever yours – Chaku

Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel


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