How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs?

What are the beliefs?

We all happen to have thousands of thoughts a day and every thought brings an experience in our life. Experiences are the source of our beliefs. Beliefs are formed based on our life experiences. If we had positive experience in relationship, we would have positive beliefs in the area of Relationship. Similarly, we had negative or non-favourable experiences in the area of finance and career, we would have carried negative beliefs.

Types of Beliefs

  • Generally, we are operated by two types of beliefs. Every experience is initially registered in our “Conscious Mind”, called “Conscious Beliefs”. Our Conscious Beliefs constantly motivate us or demotivate us. For example, If I have a belief that “I am not a good communicator” then in every conscious efforts I would stop myself for better communication. Similarly, if I have a belief that “I am guided” then with this consciousness I would always be guided in every situation, and these are the ways our “Conscious Beliefs” are validated and become forever truth of our life.
  • Now “Conscious Beliefs” would grow in our subconscious mind and they become thicker over the period of time. Their roots are so deep now in our Subconscious Mind. Our Subconscious Mind carries a number of experiences in a day and many significant events are registered in it. It is called “Subconscious Beliefs” or “Core Beliefs”. We are now operated unknowingly by our “Subconscious Beliefs”. For Example, we would never perform being an excellent communicator having limiting belief that “I am not a good communicator” When we are offered to communicate with someone or in public, our mind will try to escape that situation.

Are “Subconscious Beliefs(SB)” dangerous?

Yes! If “SB” are limiting us, then they are dangerous for us. They govern us, guide us and lead our entire life. Our behaviours in adverse situations are the biggest examples. We surprise ourselves by our thoughts, words, behaviour and actions sometimes. Our “Subconscious Limiting Beliefs” are hard wired. It’s difficult to “Re-wire” them, but it’s possible with step by step scientific approach.

How to Eliminate “Limiting Beliefs?”

1. Acknowledge:

Acknowledge all “Conscious Limiting Beliefs” and “Subconscious Limiting Beliefs” They are also a part of our life. We generally ignore or criticise our own limiting beliefs. It is never possible to eliminate all limiting beliefs without acknowledging them. As soon as we acknowledge our own “Limiting Beliefs” we are able embrace them.

2. Appreciate:

Address your specific limiting belief positively.

For Example, “I am not a good communicator”

Appreciate this limiting beliefs by – “Thank you for your lessons. I appreciate your contribution in my life.”

This is very important process. Talk to your “Limiting Beliefs” being detached to attach. You will feel relaxed. Your all appreciated “Limiting Beliefs” have become your friends and now they are ready to help you.

3. Allow to Let Go:

As soon as your “Limiting Beliefs” are ready to go, just simply tell them again,

“I appreciate your presence in my life. Thank you for all the lessons. I am grateful for all your contribution. Now Your job is over, and I allow you to let go gracefully from my life.”

4. Affirm:

Create positive affirmation to replace “Limiting Belief” immediately after its elimination.This is your “New Empowering Belief”

For Example: I am very effective communicator. I can communicate well with people.

Follow above 4 steps for every “Limiting Beliefs” whether they are your “Conscious Limiting Beliefs” or “Subconscious Limiting Beliefs”. Check your behaviour, thoughts or actions in everyday life. If you are being operated by “New empowering belief” then Congratulations! Cheers! Celebrate it and show the gratitude.

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