Why “iNNER CHILD Healing” is important?

We not only meet the people, but also their beliefs. We need to deal with the beliefs of people. There are different behaviours of the people and every behaviour has pain involved as the origin, which comes from the childhood experiences. We are all victim of victims. Our needs are unmet during the childhood. A child adopts behaviours and beliefs from the time of conceiving to the age of 7. Many traumatic experiences happen during the pre-school and college time as well. We are sum additions of all experiences and environment.

Have you seen an adult as a Shy, Angry, Co-Operative, Self Confident, Rebellious, Cool, Dominant, Sad or Unhappy person?

Were we born like this? No! Actually Not! Only Babies are Born. Our environment, education and experiences made our beliefs, and Beliefs lead behaviours. We behave cool and nice consciously with others, but react unknowingly in the adverse situations and sometimes we surprise ourselves through our behaviours. These all surprises come from our “Core Limiting Beliefs”. Our childhood unmet needs lead to unwanted behaviours and we generally react unknowingly as an adult in adverse situations. We have created a thick wall around us and forgot our core iNNER self. That forgotten “iNNER SELF” is also a part of our life but we have separated ourselves from it. We have become very serious, hard working and well behaved adult, and disconnected from our “Core iNNER Self”

Every surprising behaviour called “Reactions” and “limiting beliefs” need attention. There are 5 ways you can address your limiting beliefs and can Heal your iNNER Child and for that, we need to

1. Identify our “Reactions” or “Negative Patterns” or “Beliefs”

2. To Relive the past to Relieve yourself from all traumatic experiences

3. To Connect to our “iNNER CHILD

4. Create new Reality

5. Nurture new Reality for better future

Are you a parent or future parent? Do you want wonderful relationship with your children? Do you wish that your child will remain happy and successful in his/her life? For that first Reparent your own “iNNER CHILD”. Cut the old loop of victimization and create new reality for yourself and your children.

Join my Online “iNNER CHILD Healing” Program where your will

  • Understand various wounds and their source
  • Potential issues of wounded inner child
  • Heal your inner child at different stages
  • Release your anger
  • Create powerful future

Your iNNER CHILD wants constant Love, Acceptance, Approval, Appreciation and Trust.

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