Know about “Unconscious” Personalities of yourself!

Do you agree that we are not comfortable and we don’t like certain things, people and situations but on the other hand we are comfortable with others?

What are your disconformable or disliked things, people or situations? What kind of people you don’t like to talk or deal with? List them all down. Write, what are your own qualities or behaviours you don’t appreciate and what are your positive qualities? List them all down before you read this entire blog.

You may have listed down your positive personalities like, you are a well behaved person, soft spoken, ready to help others, co-operative, kind, active, smart etc..

You may have listed your non-favourable behaviours or qualities like, procrastination, laziness, jealousy, anxiety, reactiveness etc…

You may even have listed down so many things which you don’t like in people or situation or particular behaviours like, lying, inauthenticity, dominance , anger.

Look at your lists. You have 3 different kinds of personality lists.

  • Your positive personality called “Conscious Personality”
  • Your own disapproved behaviour called “Subconscious Personality”
  • The behaviours or acts which you have disowned called “Unconscious Personality”

We are generally operated by “Conscious Personalities”, but we react in non-favourable situation and usually warn others like “Don’t awaken my evil”. Non-favourable situations or people’s behaviours activat our “Subconscious Personality.” We are somehow aware about both personalities. In short, we know the “Good” in us, as well as “Bad” in us and we operate ourselves depending on situations or people around. All these personalities have a positive intentions in our life. They have appeared in our life to protect us and that’s the reason we are comfortable with them.

But we are not at all comfortable with certain behaviours or people and they are also part of our life. Yes! You ae reading correct. These disowned behaviours are also part of us. It stays in our unconscious mind.

You may feel that, “This is not me” Or “I don’t like such behavior” or “I don’t like such kind of people.” That means there is something inside us and therefore we pay attention to such behaviors or are speaking about them. If it is not a part of ourselves, then they don’t bother us at all.

If you hate a person, you hate something in him/her that is part of yourself,

what is not part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.” – Herman Hesse

Now, how to deal with “Subconscious” & “Unconscious Personalities” ?

  • Don’t try to avoid them. The more you resist, the more you persist.
  • Acknowledge them and thank them for their contribution in your life.
  • Make them your best friends.
  • Understand the message and learn the lessons.

Always remember that, our best friends never harm us. So, understand different parts of your own life and integrate them. This is the first step. Once you integrate them then you will become whole and complete and now, you can even alter your “Unconscious Personalities” with the help of “Affirmations”. Learn more about Affirmation

So be ready to “Redesign Your Life”


Keep Learning, Keep Growing & Keep Sharing

Dipaali Ghanshaym Patel

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