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Join Daily Gratitude Journaling Work for Joy & Lasting Fulfilment with Dipaali.


Gratitude produces a high frequency of positivity. Gratitude is the Master key for growth, opens all the doors of success. – Dipaali

Psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough conducted a series of studies in which they asked participants to write down on a daily basis at least five things, major or minor, for which they were grateful. Participants’ responses included everything from their parents to the Rolling Stones, from waking up in the morning to God.

It turns out that putting aside a minute or two every day to express gratitude for one’s life has far-reaching consequences. Compared with the control group, the grateful group not only became more appreciative of life in general but also enjoyed higher levels of well-being and positive emotions: they felt happier, more determined, more energetic, and more optimistic. They were also more generous and more likely to offer support to others. Finally, those who expressed gratitude also slept better, exercised more, and experienced fewer symptoms of physical illness.

If you also would like to experience the Magic of Gratitude, you must join this program as

Gratitude is the Master Key that opens all the doors of

Success, Health and Happiness together. – Dipaali

Key Takeaways

  • You will be positive always
  • Mental health will be more powerful
  • Physical health will be improved
  • Find Happiness in Relationship
  • Will have Successful Mindset

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