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Parenting is one of the most pleasurable, yet challenging tasks we face. Though every parent loves their children and wishes the best for them, most are unhappy with the outcome of their efforts. This is because parenting is done in pre-programmed ways. We use the same parenting practices passed down from our parents and grandparents. Remarkable progress has happened in all fields due to our deliberate and conscious efforts. However, there has hardly been any progress in improving parenting until the latter half of the 20th century.

It is vital for parents to understand that as long as their children are in touch with their deepest self, with its boundless resources, they will motivate themselves. The most important objective of being a parent is creating space for their children to be in touch with their own spirit.

Affirmative Parenting is a parent-centric parenting philosophy. It is based on the concept that in order to fix kids, parents must fix themselves. The Affirmative Parenting workshop introduces parents to the principles of Affirmative Parenting. These principles help them understand a child’s physical and emotional needs at each stage of development – infant, toddler, pre-schooler, school-age and adolescence. It also helps parents understand how their own childhood issues get mirrored by their children and how they can consciously make efforts to resolve them.

Affirmative Parenting is not a set of rules which need to be mandatorily followed but a set of beliefs that will raise the consciousness of both the child and the parent. Conscious parents engage and connect with their children more emotionally because the brain thrives on connection and empathy. It deepens the child’s trust in the world and helps them develop their true identity. This eventually helps children connect more with their parents since they are accepted for who they truly are.

Key Takeaways

  • Experiencing the shift from fear-based parenting to love-based parenting
  • Becoming aware that the mistakes in parenting are not due to lack of love, but due to lack of awareness.
  • Developing a better understanding of the child’s feelings and needs and becoming an awakened parent who nourishes the child with love and compassion
  • Creating a better bond with your children
  • Improvement of self-confidence
  • Self-love
  • Learning how to let go of parental desires, ego and attachments
  • Improvement in cognition, lesser aggression and advanced development in children.

Who is it for?

  • Parents and aspiring parents
  • Anyone who works with children
  • Teachers
  • Healers
  • Psychologists
  • Anyone who is seeking inner transformation and spiritual growth


Online recorded videos along with lots of tools, treatments & processes, and you will get Templates & E- Material. Total of 6 lessons & PDFs of Affirmative Parenting.

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