Secrets Of Happy Life

Secrets of Happy Life: Conquer Your Inner World with Positive Self-talk. Master the Art of Forgiveness and Experience Joy. Fill Your Heart with Love and Compassion.

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Introduction Of The Book

  • Are you always sad, upset, fearful and angry with yourself and others?
  • Do you need a reason to be happy?
  • Is it always difficult for you to be happy forever?

Happiness is the choice that one should make in life! You might have enough reasons to be sad and you always have the choice to find the bright side in every adverse situation to be happy.

Happiness comes to you when you,

  • drop the traumatic past experience; and practice being in the present moment.
  • embrace your strengths and weaknesses.
  • practice altering your negative self-talk.
  • learn to forgive others and have the courage to seek forgiveness.
  • are grateful for everything you have in your life.


About The Book

Your happiness doesn’t depend on success in life, but your success definitely depends on your happy state of mind.

You will

  • be happy in every situation.
  • start loving yourself more.
  • have the freedom to live life fully.
  • be more grateful.
  • have compassion in your heart for yourself and others.

You can

  • celebrate every moment of life.
  • experience joy in relationships.
  • appreciate & accept others easily.
  • be clearer in day-to-day life.
  • stay healthy mentally and physically

Choose to be Happy and heal Your Life

About Author

Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel

  • Dipaali is a lifelong learner who is passionate about discovering new ways to transform her own life and assist others in healing theirs. She achieves this through a variety of mediums, including her books, YouTube videos, podcasts, and recorded video courses.

  • One of Dipaali’s main focuses is promoting meditation and a “Satvic Lifestyle.”

  • Books play a significant role in her life, as she considers them her best friends. She also encourages others to read self-help books for personal growth and development.

  • She firmly believes that inner purity holds greater importance than outer beauty.