9 Secrets of Subconscious Mind

To Manifest the Desired Outcomes

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Self-help Book

Introduction Of The Book

Do you want to help yourself? Do you think you deserve a better life? If yes, then you will find amazing 9 secrets to manifest desired outcomes in your life in this book.

Many people try to heal their lives or try to make their lives better by Affirmations or by Meditation. Many people practice to write their desired goals, but don’t get the results. I was also on the same page. I practiced readymade affirmations and other modalities for many years to heal my life, I got results up to a certain extent but I was reactive and used to think and behave the same in adverse situation. My wisdom didn’t work for me in adverse situation or with nonfavorable people.

Are you experiencing the same that I experienced earlier? In this case, not only read this book but also do all assignments given at the end of every chapter. Consider this book is like a workbook where you will learn new technique in every chapter and you can immediately use all the tools and techniques through the assignment at the end of every chapter.


About The Book

This book offers the opportunity to identify your conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs and teach you scientific approach to eliminate them first and prepare you to use 9 Secrets of Subconscious Mind later, through many practical examples, techniques, stories, authentic breakthrough outcomes, and assignments.

Your mind will be rewired while you read this book and you will be prepared to train your mind deliberately for day-to-day desired outcomes.
Deliberate positive thoughts is our conscious choice and one must practice it consciously to train the subconscious mind every moment.
Be ready to manifest YOUR desired results through 9 secrets of subconscious mind.

About Author

Dipaali Ghanshyam Patel

  • Dipaali is a lifelong learner who is passionate about discovering new ways to transform her own life and assist others in healing theirs. She achieves this through a variety of mediums, including her books, YouTube videos, podcasts, and recorded video courses.

  • One of Dipaali’s main focuses is promoting meditation and a “Satvic Lifestyle.”

  • Books play a significant role in her life, as she considers them her best friends. She also encourages others to read self-help books for personal growth and development.

  • She firmly believes that inner purity holds greater importance than outer beauty.