The Top Rated One On One Counselling

Do you think that you deserve better life?

Do you want better results in the areas of
Health, Wealth, Relationship and Career?

Adopt my “One on One” Coaching & Counselling Services where you will find yourself more confident, happy and successful!

Why One on One Coaching?

Sometimes motivational or self-help development books, online courses, motivational videos and workshops don’t work for someone because they suggest general remedies or suggestions. We are unique individuals and we have our own desires or issues. We have a lot to share and need to ask individual questions of our own life. We need personal attention and hand holding for a couple of months. We adopt habits and thinking patterns unknowingly in our life. Some patterns are favorable for a person but some patterns are very harmful in life. A person pays the cost but don’t know the reason behind it. Here I offer “One on One Coaching & Counseling” where you will be able to

Meet Your Trainer

Dipaali Patel

I believe it very strongly that “Investment in self is the best Asset.” And during my business journey being COE & MD, I have attended, learnt and got certified for many life changing courses and here are some of them, which I would like to mention:

My Achievements

I have started my career as an educationalist in the year 2002 at Surat, Gujarat. During the 16 years of my journey, I have designed many vocational curriculum in the field of computer and trained more than 1 lakh students with nearly 100% employment. Government of India & Government of Gujarat, UNO, South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber International & Many more organizations have identified my efforts and intention in the field of education through prestigious awards. I am grateful for all love, respect, and recognition, which I have received by society.

Who need “One on One Coaching & Counselling”?

Those who

  • want constant growth
  • want to stay happy, healthy and wealthy
  • feel low, unsupported, unloved & unworthy
  • feel depressed
  • having anxiety, fear or phobia
  • No! Never. It is sacred. It is holistic treatment. If you work with it, it will work with you.
  • Yes! It can be done mutually with additional charges.
  • As soon as you contact me and pay the fees, your personal coaching and counselling will be scheduled
  • It’s a personal counselling and individual transformation work. So generally, it is not advisable.

Contact us

for One on One Counselling

We all know how life can be challenging and hard. And that there’s no answer always to all the issues you may face. We are here to help you.


  • It’s through Google Meet or Skype Call
  • Two session a month, Each session for 55 minutes.
  • Minimum 6 sessions are required for Redesigning of Your Life
  • No! I offer holistic treatment where no products and medications are required.
  • You can discontinue your “One on One” Counselling at any time if you are not satisfied.
  • I respect privacy of my clients. I never disclose their issues and identification without prior consent.
  • Of course, you will not get the desired results through “One on One Counselling”
  • I am your personal mentor who walks with you and guides you
  • Yes! It can be extended based on your requirements.